Our demands

Posted on: January 15th, 2013 by unidos

Our Demands:

-Immediate stop of all detentions deportations and expulsions of undocumented immigrants-

-And the immediate implementation of a regularization program to all the undocumented immigrants-

The MUR is a group of Mexican women and men who live in Quebec and await response on their claims for asylum, or who have already been slated for deportation. MUR fights for the regularization of Mexicans, but we act in solidarity with all struggles for migrant justice, in Canada and abroad. We envision a world without borders, where all human beings are free to move as they choose. We envision an end to the difference in status between “citizen” and “foreigner” and of the inequalities associated with this difference.

That is why our demands remain the same: a legal reform that set the regularization of all immigrants in Canada; including us, Mexicans.
Also an urgent moratorium as the only way to guarantee the life, the safety and the physical integrity of all immigrants. This moratorium should ensure, at a time, This moratorium should ensure, at the same time, the basic services and access to education and health services, especially for children.