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Posted on: February 20th, 2013 by noe arteaga

Family living in Montreal fights deportation to Mexico

Posted on: February 19th, 2013 by noe arteaga

MUR Rejects and condemns the decision of the Ministry of Immigration Canada

Posted on: February 18th, 2013 by noe arteaga

Mexicans United for the Regularisation (MUR) rejects and condemns the decision of the Ministry of Immigration Canada to declared Mexico as a safe last February 14, 2013, for the following reasons:

1. The supposed war on drugs launched by the former President Felipe Calderón is in reality a war against the people which has involved the militarization of the country, the systematic repression of social protest and the dismantling of the social gains as well as the violation of fundamental rights and freedoms. Clearly this is not a war against drugs, but it is a war that privileges one drug groups with whom the regime and the political class have an agreement. Otherwise it is unexplainable why after the high number of people death (more than 100,000, roughly the same number as those countries experiencing a bloody civil war as Syria) the drug business remains intact. What we are seeing in Mexico is a civil war situation that has resulted in the degradation of human rights in the country.

2.- The Canadian government is (complice?) and in part responsible for the current situation in Mexico because:

a) It has political and economic interests that do not let him recognize this as a bloody civil war. For example, Mexico’s economic dependence on imported food has grown to 71% of food which is a majority from the U.S. and Canadian markets. According to experts, 71% of Mexico is in the hands of Canadian mining companies, which do not pay any taxes on the extraction of minerals, while paying low wages for miners workers.

b) Moreover, the Canadian government is directly involved as military adviser of the Mexican government (before with president Calderon, and now with Peña Nieto) in this war strategy against the people. Similarly, the Canadian government has a tripartite agreement on the called Merida to ensure security in North America, which actually rebels its complicity in the Mexican’s policies on this war.

c) It is practically impossible that with the relationship that Canada has with our country, the Canadian government is not aware of the real situation that prevails on it. We know perfectly that what this silence is hidden is the insurance of the economic interests in that country. (more…)