Violent Land Expropriation by Mexican Federal Police in Tezoyuca

Posted on: September 13th, 2015 by unidos

Press Release
Violent Land Expropriation by Mexican Federal Police in Tezoyuca
Mexican Woman Deported from Canada Hurt Defending Father’s Home

13 September 2015, Montreal — Mexican Federal Police violently removed a family from its home on Friday to clear the way for a private company’s land expropriation. Among those hurt by police in the fracas was Marisol Mendez Trujillo, daughter of one of the people affected. Mendez-Trujillo herself was deported from Canada in March 2013 after her refugee claim was refused. Her family lived in Canada for five years.

Mendez-Trujillo states, “This private company, Lynz Constructora, just demolished my father’s only home without even giving him a notice of expropriation! They literally chased him out of his own home!”
The victims filed an appeal for protection with a twenty days’ notice, thereby asking for a hearing on 11 September to agree on the terms of displacement. This hearing never took place and the expropriation and demolition proceeded.

Arturo Ahumada Cruz, President of Tezoyuca, accompanied by his wife, President of DIF, said that he didn’t know what conditions of expropriation were applied. He stated that, if the file had been in his hands, he would have prevented it from proceeding.

The Méndez-Trujillo family says they have evidence to show that the engineer of the building company, Mr. Roberto Muñoz, used false information to justify demolishing the family home. He falsely stated that the evicted family was asking for an excessive price for the property, tripling its real cost. For its part, the family maintains they were about to reach an agreement to exchange the property for a similar one.

Mendez-Trujillo’s father is suffering depression and her mother has uncontrollably high blood pressure. They have been stripped of all their possessions, escaping only with the clothes they were wearing.

Mendez-Trujillo writes in a text message to MUR, “The whole family is outraged, frustrated, and feels powerless. We refuse to suffer any more.”

Canadian authorities continue with its exclusionary and discretional migration policies, closing the path of Mexicans for being accepted as refugees, and condemning them to keep suffering the State violence and repression. Keeping México inside the list of “safe countries” and keeping the visa for Mexicans by reasons of criminality in Mexico is one new sample of their contradictory discriminatory policy decisions.

Mexicans United for Regularisation (MUR) demands that Mexican officials immediately restore the property to its owners and offer compensation for damages. MUR holds Mexican and Canadian authorities responsible for physical and moral harm done to the Trujillo Reyes Mendez family and the Tezoyuca community.

MUR is inviting the public to contribute to the family to help meet their immediate needs. Contributions can be sent by ELEKTRA  to the direction of Priv. Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez No. 11 Barrio de la resurrección Tezoyuca, Estado de México, México.


Source: Mexicans United for Regularisation